About me

My name is Jerome Durand, and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer Level 3 based in West London (Hammersmith).
I have more than 2000 hours of experience in personal training with dozens of clients: you can be sure I have the right skills to help you reach your goals.
I am a highly motivated and committed person, and I like to transmit my energy to my clients, but I’m also friendly and adaptable. I value honesty, and I expect my clients to behave the same.
I love to help people not only change their body but, most importantly, change their lifestyle. Exercising and eating healthy shouldn’t be a short term goal for a beach body before summer, but rather a non-negotiable part of everyday life.


One on One Coaching (West London)


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Nutrition Coaching

My Approach

My goal is to get you to achieve your desired results while also learning new healthy habits that you can keep for life.

I will improve not only your fitness level but your overall health.

Your body is unique and has its abilities, strength and weakness. I will help you discover its full potential and how to take care of it.

My journey from 202kgs to double digits has been the hardest yet the most rewarding journey of my life, I couldn’t have done it without Jerome


Jerome adapted his training style to me, which made me enjoy working out. He literally changed my approach to weight loss.


I managed to improve my strength and my overall fitness despite an old back injury that kept me away from training.



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