Gym or Home training?

Gym or Home training?

 By MyFitConcierge

Don’t expect to have a right/wrong answer to this article. It’s like asking if it’s better to eat at the restaurant or home.

You can’t compare.

It depends on your goals.

If you plan to pack on a few kilograms/pounds of muscle in the coming months, having access to gym equipment is a must. Progressive overload is a crucial component of muscle growth, so you will need to lift weights.

Some might argue that you can build muscle with just bodyweight and a few elastic bands and dumbbells, and it’s true. But unless you have a wide range of dumbbells, you might reach a plateau at some point.

In the meantime, if your goal is to lose a bit of body fat and stay lean, training from home is excellent!

Your schedule is important

Going to the gym can sometimes take up to 2 hours of your day. You need to consider the commute time, the actual session, getting changed and shower.

Training from home can save you a lot of time. On the other end, going to the gym can be an escape from your workday, especially if you work from home.

Combination of home workout and gym is a great combo.

Yes, you can do both! You can use your gym for a weight training session with pieces of equipment you can’t access from home, and keep shorter sessions like HIIT, core or yoga for your living room.

Having a straightforward program adapted to your schedule can help you adjust your sessions ahead and save you precious time!

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