About Me

My comprehensive approach will help you achieve great results physically and mentally.
I have more than 2000 hours of experience training clients with different background and fitness level; wherever you are in your fitness journey, you can be sure I will accommodate the training sessions to your needs.

I believe my greatest strength is getting to analyze people personality pretty quickly and figure out what kind of training style would be suited for each person. Some people like to be pushed, while others want to be reassured and comforted; a trainer needs to adapt to his clients and not the contrary.

Why me?


Educated and patient

I keep myself educated on the latest trends in Fitness and nutrition while taking online courses at least once a year to stay on top of my game. Fitness is a journey – results don’t just happen overnight, and there are many obstacles, frustrations and setbacks that occur along the way. I am patient and accept that everyone is different and will progress at different paces.


Effective communicator and good listener 

I know how to help you achieve specific fitness goals, and I will convey you in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense to you. I will ask for feedback on your workout and have a clear interest in your personal life; the more I know about you, the better I can help!


 Personable and adaptive

I am genuine, authentic and able to create positive relationships with people. I’m also adaptive and flexible in my approach to your individual needs. I will tailor programs around you and be open to changing things up based on your situation.


Certificate Personal Trainer Level 3

Certified Online Trainer


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