4 Reasons to hire a Health Concierge

4 Reasons to hire a Health Concierge

 By MyFitConcierge

A health concierge, what the heck is that? .

Perhaps you have heard of a healthcare concierge or a medicine concierge. You pay a fee to your doctor for unlimited access to his service (we can develop the definition but that’s not the point of this article). What a weird concept; why pay continued access to your doctor if you don’t plan to get sick? Why not being healthy in the first place?
Our definition of a health concierge is having unlimited access to a fitness expert, nutritionist and lifestyle advisor, for a fee.
It sounds like coaching, but there’s more to it.

1) It’s cheaper than hiring a Coach

Let’s do the maths. In London, and almost everywhere else in the world, the price range for a Personal Trainer will go from £30 per hour to £100 or more, like elite trainers.

The average would be around £60 for an excellent PT (who wants an average trainer?).
2 sessions per week is a minimum required to obtain results.
2 x £60 x 4 weeks =£480/ month.

Some PT will provide you with a diet plan to follow; unfortunately, it will often look like:
7.00 am: 5 egg white scrambled + black coffee
10.00 am: 1 greek yoghurt
1.00pm: 200g chicken breast + rice + broccoli
4.00pm: 1 scoop whey protein + creatine + pre-workout + fat burner
8.00pm: 1 can of tuna + rice + broccoli
Monday to Saturday / Cheat day on Sunday

Unless you are a bodybuilder or you like to torture yourself, how the hell is it adapted to your needs?

So you go for the service of a nutritionist or dietitian. Prices again vary.
It can start from £60 for a self-employed nutritionist to £130 per hour or more with a dietitian in a private clinic.
Then you need to pay for a nutrition plan, at least £75. On average it would cost you £175.

If you add it to the cost of a PT, you’re about at £655 a month.

MyFit Concierge membership cost £299 a month. You do the maths.

2) It’s a time saver

Time is our most precious asset as an entrepreneur. How to be more productive is the key for many successful people.
The biggest excuse for starting a new fitness or nutrition program is the lack of time. A health concierge helps you save your time.

Ever wonder what you should do when you go to the gym? Don’t panic; your session is all sorted on your App; you just have to follow the plan and the videos.

You want to do a home workout or try yoga? Your concierge has organized it already for you.

Having a business lunch with you don’t want to mess up your diet? Your concierge can advise what you can choose for the menu.

No need to waste your precious time on planning your workouts or your diet for the week, let the health concierge do it for you.

3) It’s adapted to your lifestyle

Monday is usually hectic for you, and you don’t want to do a 6:00 am badass workout, it’s not really your thing, at least you are not ready yet!
You work on your project until 6:00 pm; you know the gym will be busy at this time.
That’s why you never go, especially with social distancing and all of that.

You have dinner at your favourite Italian restaurant with a friend at 8:00 pm, so no time for a 1-hour workout.
6:30 pm you have your 20mins sessions ready on your phone for your home workout, you have told your trainer Monday was tight, so he has planned a short but intense session.
He did it on purpose so you can enjoy a nice glass of Chianti with your bolognese pasta.
Your trainer told you to enjoy your night and don’t restrict yourself.

He has already planned your Tuesday morning run as soon as you wake up, with intermittent fasting until 1:00 pm. You never did a run first thing in the morning, but you always wanted to try!

Tuesday morning, 7:00 am. You receive a notification on your phone. It’s a message from your trainer: “I hope you enjoyed your dinner yesterday and you didn’t drink too much wine! Are you ready for your run?”
You feel a bit hungover from yesterday, but it doesn’t matter. You need to do this run! It’s just a 15mins run anyway, not so bad for a first-timer! Since you are an occasional runner, your trainer advised you to run in your local park and to avoid concrete; you didn’t know that.

That’s an example of what a health concierge can do.

4) It will give you better results

You can find hundreds of fitness and nutrition programs. Maybe you have tried a few, we all did. Some are better than others, but usually, they all work.
The only issue is; they are not sustainable to your life. You will give up at some point, or if you reach your goal, you don’t know what to do next.

Sounds familiar? But a nutrition and fitness expert from a health concierge will give you a program as well right? Why are the results better?
We believe it’s better because the plan is suited to your needs. If you enjoy something, you are most inclined to follow it.
If your goal is weight loss, there’s no point to force yourself eating broccoli or Brussels sprouts!
If you hate running, why force yourself to do it?
There are so many foods and exercises which can help with weight loss, and it doesn’t have to be a burden!

Having regular contact with your coaches will give a sense of accountability. We don’t like to disappoint someone, that’s human. Knowing that you have someone who supports you, and count on you to get results is incredibly motivating, even in difficult times when we want to give up.

People never felt so alone, especially in big cities, like London, Paris or New York. Having someone to talk to, and who cares about you makes a significant change in reaching your goals.


There are more benefits, but we don’t want to make this article too long. Taking care of your health should be as important as your business. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners hustle too hard and forget about their health. Don’t be like them.

 A health concierge can help you achieve much more than you think, so why not give it a go?

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