1 on 1 Training

You might have your reasons to hire a coach; maybe you can’t work without a training partner, or perhaps you have injuries that need careful monitoring. You can have specific goals like completing a marathon or improve your performance to play golf. And maybe it has something to do with your overall health, like being overweight and fed up with feeling exhausted when you use the stairs.
Whatever the reason, I will be a dedicated resource, driven to help you achieve your goals.


  • Lose Fat Loss and Build Muscle 
  • Improve your cardio
  • Move better 
  • Learn how your body work
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Look amazing

Benefits of training with a coach.

  1. Improve training and form
  2. Reduced chance of injury
  3. Faster results
  4. Motivation
  5. Variety in training
  6. Personalised training plan
  7. Expert Advice and tips
  8. Nutritional Guidance
  9. Overcome plateaus
  10.  Form long-term healthy habits and adhere to regular fitness sessions 

Flexible locations.

If you are based in West London, you will have the opportunity to train in a semi-private personal training studio located in Hammersmith. Only trainers and clients are allowed, which bring a dedicated and friendly atmosphere for your workout with Jerome.

 Covid has changed many things, and I had to adapt my services to the new world we now live. And it’s actually for the better! Video training is fun, affordable, convenient, and you can train anywhere you want.

You can choose to combine training at the studio and by video, depending on your schedule and preferences.

Myfitconcierge app

Workout Programming.

Are you motivated to train on your own but need guidance? MyFit Concierge App is the perfect tool for planning your workouts if we don’t exercise together!

I will design your workout program on the App, and you can follow it on your phone or laptop. All the exercises are demonstrated in videos, you can track your progress, and I will have access to all your data on my end.

What You Get

Resistance / Strength Training

By definition, muscles are exercised by being worked against an opposing force (as by lifting weights) to increase strength. It’s also the best cure for fat loss. The core of my training program will be based around resistance training.


Without setting goals, it’s hard to get results. You need the Vision to achieve what you want. I will help you visualize those goals and devise a plan to achieve them.


I will improve your mobility, which is the ability to move better in a full range of motion without feeling pain or discomfort. You will see many benefits from it, like reducing lower back pain, improve posture and even reduce stress.

Nutrition Coaching

Good Nutrition is crucial but it can be daunting sometimes. I will design the right plan for you while supporting you along the way.

Pay as you go

Pay just for the session or service you use.

Training Studio

£60/ 1 hour Session

Virtual Session

£35/ 45min Session (Resistance Training/Core/Mobility)

£25/ 30mins (Cardio/HIIT Sessions)


£75 / Monthly

Coaching Packages

If you want to get results, training at least 3 times a week is mandatory.

Whatever package you pick, you will save £10 per session at the studio and £5 per online session! Also, if you choose “Fitness and Nutrition” pack, you will save £50 on the nutrition coaching.

Fitness Only

From £90/week*

3 sessions/week (1 Studio Session Minimum Requirement)


Choose how to organize your sessions (Studio/Online)


Body Composition Assessment


Access Fitness App


Workout Programming


Goal Setting Consultation

Fitness and Nutrition

From £127.50/week*

3 sessions /week (1 Studio Session Minimum Requirement)


Choose how to organize your sessions (Studio/Online)


Body Composition Assesment


Access Fitness App


Workout Programming


Goal Setting Consultation


Tailored Meal Plan


Nutrition Coaching 7/7

*Minimum price you can pay based on 1 training session at the studio and 2 cardio/HIIT session online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to train at the Studio or Online?

Both are great! The studio is best for weight training as it’s fully equipped, and I can correct your technique. Working out from home is excellent for cardio/HIIT sessions or bodyweight training as there’s no much equipment needed, and you can save time. 

Do you offer trial sessions?

Yes, I offer trial session for £20 at the studio, £10 for Online Videos Sessions.

Do I need equipment to train at home?

You don’t need any equipment to do the video sessions, but I highly recommend investing in a set of Elastic/Resistance bands. It’s cheap, don’t take space and can add resistance to your workouts. 

How many days per week do I need to workout?

Depending on your health and fitness goals, you’ll need to commit to a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results. Resistance training and flexibility training should be practiced at least twice per week.

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

Expect to FEEL the results of your training sooner than you SEE them. People who start a new exercise program and are consistent in getting their workouts done typically report improvements in sleep, mood and energy levels within two to three weeks. Changes in body composition often take longer to notice; the more consistent you are with your workouts and the closer you adhere to your nutrition plan, the sooner the results will become noticeable.

I’ve never exercised before, is strength training safe for me?

Strength Training is safe for most everyone, but I always recommend that you check with your physician before starting any exercise program. As long as you start slowly, and do not try to progress too quickly, you will find wonderful benefits from weight lifting.


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